Retractable Leash Setup

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Retractable leash setup for a plastic crate that I use on my Wavewalk 300 kayak. Harbor freight has a 24 ft. retractable dog leash at a bargain price of $5.99. My setup is as follows: one inch pvc tube fits thru the holes of my crate and thru the handle of the retractable leash. The pvc caps holds the tube in place (no need to glue). A bungee cord across the crate holds the retractable leash upright for easy access. Being only 2 inches thick, you can place up to 6 of them in a row (in a 12 inch wide crate) for leashing other important items that you don’t want to lose. I only have one on there for the moment for my anchor setup but I am planning for at least two more, one for my net and the other will leash a gaff.

I have placed a link below for those who don’t have access to a local Harbor Freight store to purchase online as well as a link for 20% off coupon.

I have now added this leash setup onto the back seat of my Hobie PA…




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