Garmin Striker 4 for my Hobie PA14

I finally broke down and purchased a fishfinder a couple of months ago. I went with the Garmin Striker 4. I wanted the setup on the hobie to be simple and the unit be self contained. The biggest obstacle was how to mount the transducer. I wanted to mount the transducer outside of the hull and so this is where the challenge came in. I did not want to drill any holes or obstruct a scupper hole so after giving it much thought I finally came up with what seems, to me anyway, to be the best option and simplest solution. Since I love to tinker with things – coming up with the concept and designing the parts that I needed and then printing them out on my 3d printer made for a very fun and productive weekend for me especially when I got see my idea realized and that it would actually work out.

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One thought on “Garmin Striker 4 for my Hobie PA14

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