Kayak Cooler

Just a little something to share…

I have been contemplating getting a cooler for the yak for quite some time now. I was on the verge of getting the igloo 36 quart marine cooler, since it would fit the back of the hobie perfectly, but the available pricing that I see online (over $55) just did not agree with me. I then noticed that Walmart has a sale on the igloo 25 quart marine cooler for just $19.99 so I went and got one. After getting it home and placing it on the kayak, it seemed rather small in the located space so I started measuring and noticed that I could easily fit two of them side by side. Two coolers would give me 50 quarts of space versus the 36 quarts of the one overpriced cooler and I could use one side just to hold ice, fish, food or drinks and the other can be my tackle box of sorts. After removing the carry handles, it did not take long to figure out how I would strap everything together. Now all that’s left to add are rod holders, cooler drains and come up with a way to hold the lids closed – just in case of an unfortunate flip…

More to come soon…






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