All work and no play!

I had issues yesterday fitting the kayak to the bed extender. With the bed extender positioned to its shortest length, the kayaks rudder ended up right on top of the T-bar which was unacceptable. Also the Slayers extra deep keel was another issue since it did not allow the kayak to rest on its hull unless it was toppled over to one side.

To resolve the first issue I made a new bed extender post which is approximately one foot shorter than the original one. This placed the T-bar roughly one foot forward of the keels edge. For the second issue I tie-wrapped pool noodle sections onto the pvc roller tubes. When the kayak is in its final resting position on the bed of the truck, prior to strapping it down, I rotate the pvc roller tubes so as to position the pool noodles to make contact under the hull for support and to take the load off of the keel.

Since I was dealing with the transportation side of things I notice it was kind of a chore sometimes to get the c-tug lined up properly under the kayak so I decided to add some pool noodle supports to help line things up a bit. So far it seems to help quite a bit so time will tell if this mod will need to get updated or not.

So all that’s left now is to take the kayak out for a ride in the back of the truck to the waters edge and take her out for a spin…


One thought on “All work and no play!

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