Towable Float Cam

This is a diy “on the water selfie solution” while fishing or kayaking where taking a video selfie from a distance is difficult when one is alone. Although a stakeout pole can be an option for video selfies, the float cam allows the camera to be mobile thereby giving you more options for some great video shots. You can also just tow it along with you without taking up more space on your kayak until you are ready to use it or you can just film yourself while you tow the camera behind you for another new perspective. This obviously should be limited to calm waters as it would not be a practical solution during windy or rough water conditions unless of course you recording with the rig inverted for some amazing under water footage!

Now wouldn’t it be awesome to float the camera a distance from you while you cast your lure at the camera for a retrieve? I think so… Especially if a fish strike was included during that retrieve! This is definitely a easy project to tackle for those interested in something like this to try out for themselves.

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