My How-To Compilation: Hobie Pro Angler Outrigger Mod with Motor Mount

Although the last few months of 2018 had me very busy I made sure to find the time to work on this project I affectionately named POSEIDON in hopes of finishing it up for the start of the 2019 year. I did manage to document most of this conversion process which I share in this 35 minute video for those wanting to do a similar build as there is not a lot of information out there to be found. If you found this video useful or entertaining in any way then be sure and help support the channel by giving it a like and subscribing to my channel on YouTube and THANK YOU for watching.

► My parts list can be found here:

See the available time lines links below for reference to a specific section of the video that you may be most interested in.

The Components – 0:35
Modified Xbar – 1:27
3d Printed Parts & Assembly – 5:17
Attaching Xbar Front Mounts – 11:21
Attaching Xbar Rear Mounts – 14:04
The Motor Mount – 17:58
Motor Mount Installation – 20:10
New Grab Bars – 21:22
The Motor – 23:14
Break-in Procedure – 24:43
Motor Tip – 25.51
Storage – 27:42
Aka Modification – 28:45
Maiden Voyage – 29:46

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