Battery UPGRADE for my Monopod Camera Mount

Although my original battery setup for my Monopod has worked out flawlessly for me with no issues, I now wanted a lighter but smaller battery with more power that could be placed right along side the camera itself. This would allow the battery to extend along with the camera without the need for a long charge cable. Once I decided on the battery (Anker PowerCore+ Mini-3350mAh) the only thing left to do was come up with a way to mount this battery to the monopod itself. The requirements I wanted was for the mount to attach and detach easily to the monopod arm as well as ease of placing the battery onto the mount itself. I found this new mount I designed and 3d printed has met my requirements and exceeded my expectations as it has proven itself successfully out on the water. I will be sharing this 3d file on thingiverse for download for those whom may be interested in making one for themselves. As a bonus I have added a second similar design for those using camera mounting systems made of 1 inch PVC. Link to these files will be listed in this videos description on youtube.

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