Pelican Bass Raider – Possible Water Intrusion?

I have been doing some research into the Pelican Bass Raider boats and apparently owners have been getting water into the hulls causing them to have to drain a good amount of water and or add additional drain plugs to the rear to simplify the process. I decided to look into where the water entry is happening and I believe that it may be entering through the seam of the boat where the top and bottom hulls come together. I removed the rubber trim covering this seam and was surprised to see that it was all just stapled together with no indications that a sealant or glue of any type was used. Also I was surprised to see the beginnings of the corrosion process on some of the staples as this boat has never even been to the water yet. You would have thought that they would have used something like stainless steel. For the price I can’t complain lol… So I decided to start the process and use a truck bed liner coating on the seam and over the staples to prevent any possible future water entry into the hull from this area as well as protect the staples from corrosion. So far so good… The lower half is now done and once it dries I can flip it over and to the same to the top side followed up by re-installing the trim which will hide any evidence that this mod was ever done.

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