A DIY Roof Rack for my Honda Element

I’m upgrading my original roof rack mod by replacing the angle plates that were made of steel with aluminum to aid in preventing any corrosion from forming again and migrating to my rooftop. This solution was a simple alternative for me as opposed to purchasing a roof rack for my Honda Element. Below are links to a downloadable template for my brackets for those that may be interested.



Why Are We Sinking ?!! 😮

The maiden voyage of my Hobie Tandem Island turned out to be a little more adventurous than expected when all of a sudden we began to take on water in the hull. At the time I had no idea what caused that to happen but once I got all the water pumped out of the hull we were still able to have a great day of simple sailing with no more unforeseen issues. I am so glad that I had my water pump and sponges with me otherwise the outcome would have been very different.