Scupper Drain Plugs

For a while now I had been thinking of making a set of scupper drain covers for the Native Slayer 10 so I went ahead and began prototyping today and here is what I got done so far with the 3d printer…




Online 3D printing Services

A small demonstration on how to begin having 3d files printed using a online 3D printing service when you do not own a 3d printer. I used 3DHubs for this example in which I have no affiliation with this company.

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GoPro Hero 5 Charge Port Cover

Just some info I wanted to share…

I use external power banks on my cameras so that I don’t have to concern myself too much with battery life while recording. With that said my issue was with the gopro hero 5 that I recently purchased. I had to come up with a way to make the charge port area somewhat dust and splash proof especially since I mostly record while out on the water. Removing or leaving the charge port door open (or removed) just exposes too much to the outside elements so I set out to try and design something that would accomplish my goal and came up with what I think is a winner…

This little cover mounts onto the existing opening of the cameras protective shell frame and snaps in place. The extra top portion of the cover itself is there just in case double sided tape was required to keep it mounted. The dust cover does not interfere with the mounting or removal of the camera from the protective shell regardless if the cameras charge port door is installed (closed and locked) or completely removed from the camera. The dust cover also adds a lot of additional support to the charge cable end itself when in use.


The Weed Shield Project

This is my shareable attempt at creating a weed shield for the prop shaft of my Native Watercraft Slayer 10 propel drive. I will continue to update this project if the need arises or I come up with a newer design but I believe this current prototype will work fine for the long haul…

I am sharing the project files on thingiverse for those who would like to 3d print their own or would like to have one made by one of many 3d printing services available online. At this time, for those needing a print service, I would like to recommend 3dhubs

Thingiverse Link:

Clip-On Paddle Hangers

When out on the water enjoying my kayak I wanted to get the paddle completely and easily out of my way when I did not need it especially while fishing and so this was my solution to that situation.

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My DIY rear kayak camera mount

I wanted a rear camera setup for my kayak so I decided to utilize the very popular extendable monopod for this project with the exception that I would attempt to design and make all the attachments for the camera and utilize a solar powered external battery pack to power it all for a full days worth of recording. I wanted to be able to remove the setup from its base on the kayak and still continue to function. It must also be water resistant to some degree since it obviously will be used while out on the water. I believe I have achieved my goal and hope to be able to now create good future video footage where I can now actually be in the shot instead of only first person view.

I will now apply what I have created here to make a second battery powered style mount for the front of my kayak as well. The 3D printing of the parts that I make have really helped me achieve my visions of things that I could only have dreamed of in the past but now can make them a reality all while saving some money at the same time! Hopefully this video may be an inspiration to others.

My DIY Action Hat for Night Fishing

I have always used this style of a camera setup with my hat of choice but now with the added light gear it has become a game changer for me. For night recording I would wear the light on my head (no hat) and used a chest mount for the camera and honestly hated the chest mount but had no choice because I needed the light on my head to light up the moment. I would always have to monitor where my chest camera was pointing in relation to where I was looking with the head lamp and would eventually miss good footage because I was looking in one direction while the camera was pointing in another. That now is a thing of the past as with this new setup the light and camera are always focused on where I’m looking without having to monitor anything but catching fish!

The 3D printing of the parts that I make have really helped me achieve my visions of things that I could only have dreamed of in the past but now can make them a reality all while saving some money at the same time!

My 3d Printer

I get asked quite often what equipment do I use to create these 3d prints with so here is a short summary on this subject. I could have easily built my own 3d printer but I’ve grown a little lazy after just becoming a newbie retiree and so decided to just purchase one. After much research I decided on the Tevo Tarantula and found the best price without the long shipping wait on ebay.

It’s actually been over a year now since I got it but it has been time well spent learning how to use it and modifying it to my liking. I also only use free software that is available for download online:

Slic3er – Converts a 3d model (.stl file) to a code the printer can use to create the object.

Octoprint – My host software to control and operate the printer itself.

Emachineshop – Create 2D drawings which can then be converted into a 3D (.stl) file which is then converted in Slic3r.

Filament – There are many different types of filament and brands available. Some are more difficult to work with than others. Some have properties that you desire in your print that others do not have. My filament of choice is PETG by eSUN. This filament is easy to print like PLA filament (beginners choice) but with the strength and flexibility of ABS plastic.

I have modified my 3d printer quite a bit since I first got it. If interested, just head over to my other blog that contains some of the major changes to my machine – My 3D Printer