Lake Beresford Park Biking Loop

03/17/2023 – On this day I took the Hyper 69er MTB and Hyper 26 E-Cruiser to Lake Beresford Park biking loop located in Deland, Florida for an enjoyable and scenic bike ride with my daughter. A 2.0 mile paved loop trail with some off road trails throughout and adjacent to the Spring to Spring Trail, Blue Spring Trailhead. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 38 minutes to complete.

Armadillo Newbie Trail (Deltona, Florida)

01/31/2023 – The other day I found this short off-road trail which I named it the “Armadillo Newbie Trail”. The trail is easily accessible from from the main bike trail that I normally use. I really enjoyed this short trail so I returned to map it out and share on the Trailforks, Strava and Relive apps for others to enjoy.

RELIVE Interactive Map: ►

Project Hyper 69er (Mullet Bike)

For mountain bikers who want to get the most out of their ride, the mixed-wheel bike is rapidly growing in popularity. With a large wheel in front and a smaller one in the back, this innovative design has become known as the ‘Mullet bike’, in reference to the classic mismatched haircut so beloved by hipsters, country music singers, and professional hockey players.

My Mullet specs: 29″ front wheel / 26″ rear wheel.

So far very happy with the current upgrades done on my Hyper 26″ Electric Mountain Bike…

Gemini Springs Park (A Short Nature Trail Bike Ride)

Before the rains were set to arrive on this day we headed out for a short bike ride to Gemini Springs that is located in Debary Florida. Gemini Springs Park is a 210-acre park with a 3/4 nature trail, bike trails, equestrian trails, a fishing dock, picnic pavilions, a playground, dog park, and primitive tent camping. The park is part of the Spring-to-Spring Trail which will stretch 26 miles from Gemini Springs Park to DeLeon Springs State Park.