My Floating Bait Livewell

I put together my version of a floating bait livewell that I can drag behind me with the kayak or use it off a pier, the shoreline or jetties. It’s the size of a five gallon bucket so it should hold a good amount of bait. I like this setup for the main reason that the bait is in its environment with no need to worry about water temp, circulating the water or using a air bubbler to oxygenate the water to try and keep the bait fish alive.


Birthday Crappie

Decided to do a little crappie fishing this morning for my birthday which turned out to be a good decision. Caught enough for tomorrows dinner with the family. Was a great day to be out on the water. 😊👍


The Triglidae 😊

10/18/2018 – I was just mentioning to my wife this past week about a fish that is called a Triglidae but more commonly known as a “Sea Robin” which can walk along the bottom of the ocean using its six legs in search of food. When I was younger growing up fishing in Connecticut I would catch sea robins all the time. It was considered a nuisance / trash fish that everyone hated. As for me I was always fascinated with this prehistoric looking fish and lo and behold I caught one today so I had to take a video to share with the wife, kiddos and of course all of YouTube!

On a side note “The Mullet Run” has begun in our waters inside Ponce Inlet. We scouted around most of the morning and found large schools of mullet in all areas that we searched including large pods of dolphins but interesting enough nothing was feeding on them besides the occasional dolphin. I would imagine the dolphin pods were possibly the cause for no sighting of predator fish feeding. We did see large tarpon just rolling everywhere under and around the N Causeway overpass right by our boat as we were moving from one spot to another but sadly I did not have my camera out to film this beautiful sight nor the gear to stop and try to fish for them… 😩

Jetty Fishing with the Kids

05/04/2018 – It has been roughly 34 years since I have fished from a jetty.

Back in the day, when I lived in Bridgeport Connecticut, I grew up fishing from the jetty in Seaside Park. I moved away to finish my education and start working in my career field while creating my new family. All has now come full circle. In this episode I return to the jetty, but now living in Florida, joined by my kids in what turned out to be a peaceful fun day of fishing. It can’t get any better than that!