A Visit To Festival Park (Lake Butler Chain)

Scoping out for new waters to fish from my kayak. Festival Park is situated on Lake Butler Chain and was recently renovated by the city of Deltona. In my opinion, a true hidden gem and a great place to visit with the family.


Jetty Fishing with the Kids

05/04/2018 – It has been roughly 34 years since I have fished from a jetty.

Back in the day, when I lived in Bridgeport Connecticut, I grew up fishing from the jetty in Seaside Park. I moved away to finish my education and start working in my career field while creating my new family. All has now come full circle. In this episode I return to the jetty, but now living in Florida, joined by my kids in what turned out to be a peaceful fun day of fishing. It can’t get any better than that!

Fun Fishin Fellsmere (Episode 2)

Had my ups and down at Fellsmere Reservoir this past Thursday, literally. My DIY Boonedox landing gear for the Native Slayer 10 ended up failing where I suspected it would but luckily I had a fix in mind for it which I have already applied and will be testing it out again soon. Other small items like the fish finder transducer mount leg not staying in position and the location of the fish finder mount itself getting it the way when paddling – but at least these are simple issues with simple fixes. Now the biggest fail of them all came from my camera that I use behind me that points forward. That is my “catch all” camera and it failed! I never noticed that it quit working. Apparently it must have overheated and just shut down (it was a hot day). I chose not to wear the additional hat or chest camera that day, bad judgement call on my part, so sadly no forward facing video action to show. With that said I will now be upgrading to some better camera equipment (GoPro).

heddon tiny torpedo

The lost recordings would have allowed for many top water blow-ups on a vintage lure ( heddon tiny torpedo ) that I wanted to use in hopes of at least catching one fish with it. I have owned this lure since I was sixteen years old and have never caught any fish with it. As you can imagine I was super excited to get so many reaction strikes and not only from bass but from pickerels as well. I even got to hook a gator with it! Luckily it got off and I was able to get my lure back. Hopefully the next Fellsmere trip will be a more video productive one…

Testing out of my new/used Native Slayer 10 Propel Kayak was in itself fun and a learning experience. The kayak is very stable (I can stand up and fish with no issues and the propel drive does what it supposed to do – and how about that reverse – awesome! I’m so accustomed to my hobie mirage drive, as the peddle mechanisms are quite different as to how they interact with your legs when applying force, that eventually I should get used to cranking on the propel drive system. I am very pleased with the seat riser mod that I created and the weed guard mod also worked great. The weeds will always wrap around the prop but at least it won’t wrap around the prop shaft itself. This makes the weed removal process much simpler as well as faster.

Here is the video of the few fish that I did manage to land, nothing great, but at least I did not get skunked!

Does Lure Color Make a Difference Underwater?

This handy info-graphic details not only what colors are best for weather conditions, but also how each lure looks as it travels further and further down.


So basically, the deeper your lure goes in the water, the less color matters at all. Next time you’re at a loss for which lure to pick, try to focus on other aspects besides color because in the end, it really doesn’t even matter at all.


As a general rule, white plugs are used in brighter areas and during full moons, black plugs during new moon or very overcast nights. What I don’t see here is parrot/chartreuse colors which are affectionately called block island green. This is generally accepted as the most visible and the only color to use in murky, dirty water. Not sure how much that carries over to lakes and rivers, but it certainly holds true for salt water.