Sailing my Hobie Pro Angler 14

06/03/2020 – Knowing the winds were going to be high and coupled with weather predictions of a cloudy / overcast day with temps in the low 80’s and the weather radar showing rain prediction to the south of my location made it ideal for me to go out and ride the wind! What a fantastic time I had! I love my Pro Angler but I can hardly wait to get my recently acquired Hobie Tandem Island repaired and back in the water for some true action packed sailing fun so stay tuned for future upcoming sailing content!

It’s all about sailing!

Awww yeah! New project and bucket list sailing kayak that I picked up a couple of days ago and in my favorite color to boot! Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. This should be loads of fun! 😁


I just completed a leak check this afternoon on the hull to make sure that there are no hidden cracks which I don’t yet know about. It’s a bit time consuming to do but necessary sometimes for a peace of mind… At a length of 18.5 feet long – she is a beast! 😳


My How-To Compilation: Hobie Pro Angler Outrigger Mod with Motor Mount

Although the last few months of 2018 had me very busy I made sure to find the time to work on this project I affectionately named POSEIDON in hopes of finishing it up for the start of the 2019 year. I did manage to document most of this conversion process which I share in this 35 minute video for those wanting to do a similar build as there is not a lot of information out there to be found. If you found this video useful or entertaining in any way then be sure and help support the channel by giving it a like and subscribing to my channel on YouTube and THANK YOU for watching.

► My parts list can be found here:

See the available time lines links below for reference to a specific section of the video that you may be most interested in.

The Components – 0:35
Modified Xbar – 1:27
3d Printed Parts & Assembly – 5:17
Attaching Xbar Front Mounts – 11:21
Attaching Xbar Rear Mounts – 14:04
The Motor Mount – 17:58
Motor Mount Installation – 20:10
New Grab Bars – 21:22
The Motor – 23:14
Break-in Procedure – 24:43
Motor Tip – 25.51
Storage – 27:42
Aka Modification – 28:45
Maiden Voyage – 29:46

Go Slayer Go! 1st Outboard Motor Test

I finally was able to get the kayak registered to begin testing the outboard motor mounts that I made for my Native Slayer Propel 10 kayak. In this video I am testing the DIY side mount which will be used in conjunction with Hobie Sidekick floats to help add stability to the kayak due to the offset weight of the motor. Aside from checking for stability I will be also looking at what speeds are attainable with the Suzuki 2.5 when pushing the hull design of the Slayer kayak.

Bed Top Yak Rack

This is my truck bed yak rack which now allows me more use of the available real estate on my Mazda truck bed below the kayaks to securely transport the rest of my gear when traveling to and from my destination while still providing a easy on and off loading of the kayak(s). Heck I even got to keep my aluminum toolbox! I will be looking to see how well this wood structure holds up even though it has been sealed for water otherwise I will use this same basic design to re-fabricate one out of a more durable material like aluminum.

TMS Kayak / Canoe Cradles