Redneck Modding the Tranny Shifter on my Honda Element

For reference this is a 2003 Automatic Honda Element EX AWD.

Last week after my last errand stop of the day, I got in my car to head home. After starting up the car I proceeded to shift the Honda out of the park position to drive and this is when it felt like something snapped while moving the shifter out of the park position. Although the shifter handle moved to the drive position, the dash indicator still showed that it was in the park position. The car was now immobile. I had to wait 6 hours to get the car towed home which was only 2 miles away. The following day is where the video picks up to continue with the rest of this story…

Securing your fishing rods to your pier cart

It’s easy to lose attention to your fishing rods and equipment staged on your pier cart while concentrating on the task at hand (fighting a fish). This is where you are most vulnerable and thieves can just walk on by while helping themselves to your fishing rods or other equipment. Locking up the rods that are currently not used as shown in the video will help prevent them from going missing.

Sailing the “Wind Catcher”

On this day I took out my brother-in-law to do a little sailing (his first time ever) on the Indian River in Edgewater,Florida. Winds were expected to be very high, 28 mph gusts, so I knew the sailing would be good. What I did not expect was the winds pushing us back to shore so badly when trying to launch that it made it virtually impossible for us until we opted to just use the outboard in reverse to get us out to open water. This trip also allowed me to test the updated motor mount which I detailed in another video.

Gemini Springs Park (A Short Nature Trail Bike Ride)

Before the rains were set to arrive on this day we headed out for a short bike ride to Gemini Springs that is located in Debary Florida. Gemini Springs Park is a 210-acre park with a 3/4 nature trail, bike trails, equestrian trails, a fishing dock, picnic pavilions, a playground, dog park, and primitive tent camping. The park is part of the Spring-to-Spring Trail which will stretch 26 miles from Gemini Springs Park to DeLeon Springs State Park.

Silver Glen Springs Recon Trip / Intex Sierra K2 Kayak

04/04/2022 – A reconnaissance trip to Silver Glen Springs prior to bringing out the family while testing out the new Intex Sierra K2 Inflatable Kayak. The Silver Glen Recreation Area is located about 6 miles north of SR-40 on SR-19 in The Ocala National Forest. Silver Glen Springs is a first-magnitude spring where 65 million gallons of water is released through two spring vents. Silver Glen Recreation Area can be accessed by vehicle from SR-19 or by boat via Lake George.