Hobie Mirage Drive Fin Guards

I made the Hobie mirage drive fin guards as a means to help protect and extend the life of the leading edge of my mirage drive fin toward the ends where they are most vulnerable to cuts and gouges which can occur from collisions with shallow water obstructions like oysters beds and sharp rocks. The mirage drive fins still rotate on their mast with the guards mounted just like normal. Sadly these will not prevent bending of the mast due to severe contact or collision with an object…

Link for STL file is available on youtubes video description…

New Toy: The ORTUR Laser Master 2

I needed some more complex solving type projects so I decided to get a small cheap laser printer and see what trouble I can get into with one of those machines. So far so good as it’s similar to my 3d printing machine except it’s a totally different medium to work with. It should keep me pretty busy around Christmas time making presents for family and friends.

Native Slayer Propel Drive Locks Upgrade

I finally had enough with the propel drive locks on my Native Slayer 10 kayak being such a pain most of the time to engage and disengage so I decided to put my own “spin” on things and create a drive lock mechanism that, to me, is easier to use and more efficient than the stock units.

Purchase here: http://www.needfulthings.net/host/nss/store/product_info.php?cPath=63&products_id=138

DIY Boat Cover Supports (Hobie Tandem Island)

As they say “necessity is the mother of invention”. So I needed to come up with a way to protect the kayak when stored outdoors while also trying to maintain a budget… Kayak covers, in general, are pretty expensive and just covers the kayak itself but in my situation its more than just the hull that need protecting as this hobie also has amas which are almost as long as the kayak itself. This led me to try out a boat cover which ended up being a wonderful solution for me once I figured out how to deal with all the extra material the boat cover had to offer.