Armadillo Newbie Trail (Deltona, Florida)

01/31/2023 – The other day I found this short off-road trail which I named it the “Armadillo Newbie Trail”. The trail is easily accessible from from the main bike trail that I normally use. I really enjoyed this short trail so I returned to map it out and share on the Trailforks, Strava and Relive apps for others to enjoy.

RELIVE Interactive Map: ►

C-TUG DIY Double Up + Bonus Mod

I’ve been using the RAILBLAZA C-Tug cart since early 2018. Depending on the vessel, situation and terrain, the C-Tug has fulfilled every task that I have placed on it with absolutely no failures that I can recall. The following mods that I wanted to share which are shown in the video, in my opinion, just enhances the performance of an already awesome little stowable kayak cart.

Redneck Modding the Tranny Shifter on my Honda Element

For reference this is a 2003 Automatic Honda Element EX AWD.

Last week after my last errand stop of the day, I got in my car to head home. After starting up the car I proceeded to shift the Honda out of the park position to drive and this is when it felt like something snapped while moving the shifter out of the park position. Although the shifter handle moved to the drive position, the dash indicator still showed that it was in the park position. The car was now immobile. I had to wait 6 hours to get the car towed home which was only 2 miles away. The following day is where the video picks up to continue with the rest of this story…