My Digipower Re-Fuel Broke!

As I’m finally going to try out my unused, brand new Refuel for my GoPro that has been sitting in the camera drawer, the retaining clip decided to snap in half after inserting the camera… What to do… The return window for a replacement Refuel has already expired so I had to improvise… Hopefully this is the last of things to go wrong it before I have had a chance to fully try it out.

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Native Propel Drive – Just Add Oil?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not promoting that you go out and do this conversion on your propel drive unit (you may void your warranty…), I am strictly sharing how I went about completing this task for those who may be contemplating or have thought of doing the same. The choice is strictly yours and yours alone…

Since purchasing my used Native Slayer Propel 10 a few months ago, I finally got around to performing my first inspection of the propel gear drive assemblies. I noticed that most of the lithium grease had flung off the contact areas of the gears where it is most needed – not good… I studied the parts breakdown of the propel drive unit online and also watched a maintenance video and disassembly video produced by Native Watercraft. When compared to a lower unit on an outboard motor or even a differential on a car, I saw no reason that the propel gear drives could not be in a constant gear oil bath as well. With this thinking in mind I chose to convert my drive to use a synthetic gear oil in the gear drive chambers and show how I went about accomplishing this task.

After this conversion I will be performing routine inspections on the propel drive gear assemblies and will report back if any failures occur but I highly doubt that this will be the case.

My Offshore Camera Rig


This was my solution to capturing video from high above on a large fishing vessel using a small diy camera pole with a solar powered battery bank for all day recording. I designed it to be placed on to a fishing rocket launch tube which are found on most large offshore fishing boats and be easily and quickly mounted as well as removed. Preferably the camera pole should be positioned in a rocket launch tube that will provide the camera with an unobstructed view for recording.

GoPro Hero 5 Charge Port Cover

Just some info I wanted to share…

I use external power banks on my cameras so that I don’t have to concern myself too much with battery life while recording. With that said my issue was with the gopro hero 5 that I recently purchased. I had to come up with a way to make the charge port area somewhat dust and splash proof especially since I mostly record while out on the water. Removing or leaving the charge port door open (or removed) just exposes too much to the outside elements so I set out to try and design something that would accomplish my goal and came up with what I think is a winner…

This little cover mounts onto the existing opening of the cameras protective shell frame and snaps in place. The extra top portion of the cover itself is there just in case double sided tape was required to keep it mounted. The dust cover does not interfere with the mounting or removal of the camera from the protective shell regardless if the cameras charge port door is installed (closed and locked) or completely removed from the camera. The dust cover also adds a lot of additional support to the charge cable end itself when in use.