GoPro Mic Adapter Hot Shoe Mount Keeper

I recently purchased a GoPro microphone adapter so that I can mount it on to my aluminum camera shell. I needed a way to securely mount the adapter but also be easily removable as well. I’ve seen some of the other youtube channels that displayed their setups with mounting the adapter but none of them appealed to me so I decided just to go ahead and design one for myself and 3d print it. I’m very happy with the way it turned out so I will be sharing the file with all those who may be interested in something like this for their personal camera setup.

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Friday Fun Day Party Boat Fishing

08/10/2018 – Just another leisurely day enjoying the companionship of my brother and son while bottom fishing off a party boat for whatever strikes the hook. If you have never been on a party boat before then this video may give you a sneak peek of what it is like to go out on a half day trip.

Towable Float Cam

This is a diy “on the water selfie solution” while fishing or kayaking where taking a video selfie from a distance is difficult when one is alone. Although a stakeout pole can be an option for video selfies, the float cam allows the camera to be mobile thereby giving you more options for some great video shots. You can also just tow it along with you without taking up more space on your kayak until you are ready to use it or you can just film yourself while you tow the camera behind you for another new perspective. This obviously should be limited to calm waters as it would not be a practical solution during windy or rough water conditions unless of course you recording with the rig inverted for some amazing under water footage!

Now wouldn’t it be awesome to float the camera a distance from you while you cast your lure at the camera for a retrieve? I think so… Especially if a fish strike was included during that retrieve! This is definitely a easy project to tackle for those interested in something like this to try out for themselves.

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The WeedShield Upgrade

This is my new upgraded weed shield design derived from my original weed shield project for the prop shaft of my Native Watercraft Slayer 10 propel drive. With this version the direction of water flow while moving forward is now blocked off by the shield while it overlaps the base of the prop hub itself. Now with that said it is virtually impossible to prevent weed wrapping over the prop when hitting grass covered areas but with this method, at the very least, it should make removal of the weed wrap a quicker headache to deal with.

I am sharing the project files of my new design on thingiverse for those who would like to 3d print their own or would like to have one made by one of many 3d printing services available online. At this time, for those needing a print service, I would like to recommend 3dhubs

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My Digipower Re-Fuel Broke!

As I’m finally going to try out my unused, brand new Refuel for my GoPro that has been sitting in the camera drawer, the retaining clip decided to snap in half after inserting the camera… What to do… The return window for a replacement Refuel has already expired so I had to improvise… Hopefully this is the last of things to go wrong it before I have had a chance to fully try it out.

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Native Propel Drive – Just Add Oil?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not promoting that you go out and do this conversion on your propel drive unit (you may void your warranty…), I am strictly sharing how I went about completing this task for those who may be contemplating or have thought of doing the same. The choice is strictly yours and yours alone…

Since purchasing my used Native Slayer Propel 10 a few months ago, I finally got around to performing my first inspection of the propel gear drive assemblies. I noticed that most of the lithium grease had flung off the contact areas of the gears where it is most needed – not good… I studied the parts breakdown of the propel drive unit online and also watched a maintenance video and disassembly video produced by Native Watercraft. When compared to a lower unit on an outboard motor or even a differential on a car, I saw no reason that the propel gear drives could not be in a constant gear oil bath as well. With this thinking in mind I chose to convert my drive to use a synthetic gear oil in the gear drive chambers and show how I went about accomplishing this task.

After this conversion I will be performing routine inspections on the propel drive gear assemblies and will report back if any failures occur but I highly doubt that this will be the case.