My Updated “Summer Nights” Led Lite Pole

Summer is here in Florida and with it comes the wicked heat which means it’s time for me to take cover and start with the night fishing again except this time around I wanted to increase my lighting situation… This little project has fulfilled this goal.



My Hobie Tandem Island Update

I finally got the hull crack welded up on my Hobie Tandem Island despite how hot and humid the temperature was outside today. For this being my first time doing plastic welding I have to say that it was a pretty simple process. I originally was planning to use welding staples to help keep the two sides of the crack together to help begin the welding process but decided to just go with a one wire twist method. Overall I’m very happy with the way the weld turned out. Now waiting on the parts that I ordered online that were missing on the kayak when I originally got it to begin arriving in the mail. In the mean time the plan for me will be to update my jetski trailer that I primarily use for my Hobie PA14 and make it dual purpose by extending the tongue so that it can also accommodate the length of Tandem Island.


Sailing my Hobie Pro Angler 14

06/03/2020 – Knowing the winds were going to be high and coupled with weather predictions of a cloudy / overcast day with temps in the low 80’s and the weather radar showing rain prediction to the south of my location made it ideal for me to go out and ride the wind! What a fantastic time I had! I love my Pro Angler but I can hardly wait to get my recently acquired Hobie Tandem Island repaired and back in the water for some true action packed sailing fun so stay tuned for future upcoming sailing content!

2019 Hobie Outback DIY Rudder Upgrade

My buddy purchased a new 2019 Hobie Outback but after several outings with the kayak he was very disappointed with the way the rudder performed and turned to me for help. This was the fix that I performed on his kayak.

A plastic cross tab that takes the shock hit of the rudder coming back up to protect the hull sadly did not make it into the video but is shown below for reference…


It’s all about sailing!

Awww yeah! New project and bucket list sailing kayak that I picked up a couple of days ago and in my favorite color to boot! Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. This should be loads of fun! 😁


I just completed a leak check this afternoon on the hull to make sure that there are no hidden cracks which I don’t yet know about. It’s a bit time consuming to do but necessary sometimes for a peace of mind… At a length of 18.5 feet long – she is a beast! 😳


Ama / Motor Mod: 2019 Hobie PA14 for Offshore Fishing

Here is another diy where I modify my buddies 2019 Hobie Pro Angler 14 by adding a single ama from a Hobie Adventure Island which will include a removable engine mount setup for a Suzuki 2.5 hp outboard. For a complete breakdown on how this mod was accomplished on a 2012 Hobie Pro Angler, watch the following video:

Rear Xbar Mount Template: PDF