My Hobie PA14 DIY Main Sheet Riser & Utility Bar

This video is to give a little more detail into how I put together my main sheet riser / utility bar for sailing the Hobie PA14 using a four dollar medical walker that I purchased from my local Goodwill store.


DIY BooneDox Knuckle (Saltwater Edition)

Owning several kayaks but only having one Landing Gear System can become very expensive if trying to outfit all of them with this type of setup. My solution was to create a knuckle system for each of my other kayaks and share the landing gear legs when applicable.

Please note that this is not a super simple – off the shelf parts – slap together type of diy build but am sharing the idea anyway  for those whom may be interested and don’t mind taking this type of approach to creating a hopefully longer lasting build solution. Currently in a ( Work-in-Progress ) phase for longevity under real world applications.

The 3D printed PETG plastic insert is sized for a aluminum square tube that is 1.75″ x 1.75″ with a 1/8″ wall thickness. The length of the square tube is to be determined by the builder since it is specific to his or her kayak. I went with 32 inches on the length of the aluminum square tube for my Native Slayer Propel 10. Concerning the four angle brackets, they are made from the same square aluminum tubing and are 1″ wide. Hardware used to attach the angle brackets to the accessory rails are modified stainless steel 5/16″ x 1″ carriage bolts. I wanted the knuckle spacers for my build but it may or may not be needed for your particular kayak.

► 3D Print Files →

Bed Top Yak Rack

This is my truck bed yak rack which now allows me more use of the available real estate on my Mazda truck bed below the kayaks to securely transport the rest of my gear when traveling to and from my destination while still providing a easy on and off loading of the kayak(s). Heck I even got to keep my aluminum toolbox! I will be looking to see how well this wood structure holds up even though it has been sealed for water otherwise I will use this same basic design to re-fabricate one out of a more durable material like aluminum.

TMS Kayak / Canoe Cradles

Rigging my Hobie PA14 for Sailing

I wanted yet another mode of propulsion for my PA14 and the sail was it. I was lucky enough to stumble across a brand new and unused hobie sail kit on craigslist at a price that I could not turn away from. I used to own a Sunfish sailboat many many moons ago and don’t remember much about how to sail but I’m a quick study so I have been brushing up on this subject by doing a lot of reading and watching videos online which is how I found out that a furler would be a requirement for me and a utility bar also known as a main sheet riser would compliment the whole setup nicely.

I was actually quite impressed on how well the diy furler works for being such a simple device. There are already quite a number of videos on how to make this type of furler on youtube which is why I did not produce one but may do one in the future if I see that there is some interest for a video like that including the utility bar.

My DIY OS Hawaiian Spear Gaff

I wanted a gaff for my kayak when going offshore but did not want to go the traditional gaff route so I decided to make my own version of a hawaiian / kage spear gaff. This video shows how I made it using a 5/16″ rod and how easily it all went together. The best part for me is that it floats and I can easily remove / replace the spear portion when and if necessary.

The file for the 3dprinted insert can be downloaded using the link below and is available for 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″ or 1/2″ diameter rods.

All Day Bassin

It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day to be outdoors to do some fishing. Spent the whole day with my buddy Ron hitting different spots on a few of the lakes in Maitland, Florida. Although I chose to try an assortment of different lures and plastics, the fishes only desire that day was the watermelon red super fluke which is why it is still my number one favorite plastic bait in my tackle box for large mouth bass to date.

My Kayak Trailer Transformations

As my kayak evolves so does its trailer. This video is comprised of a compilation of past to present photos on how my kayak trailer, which initially started out life as a typical single jet ski trailer, and continues to get modified as my transportation needs changes to accommodate my kayak. Hopefully these changes that I have made and continue to make to my trailer may help or inspire others in some way with ideas for their trailer build.

DIY Suzuki 2.5 Outboard Flush Stand

Just wanted to share a simple diy outboard flush stand specifically sized for my Suzuki DF2.5 outboard. I needed something compact that did not take up a lot of space and could be quickly assembled / disassembled and put away and this build has met all of my requirements. Hopefully this diy may aid others as it has for me whom are in search of the same requirements for their little Suzuki outboard.