Option 2 For My Motorized Native Propel 10

Another short teaser video of a second option I created for mounting an outboard on my Native Slayer Propel 10. Currently waiting on my tiller extension to arrive so I can continue on with this project…

Motor Home Kayak Rack

I saw this today while pumping gas and thought it was such a cool diy setup that I had to share. I’ve seen similar ideas like this before online but this was a first for me to see it in person while in action. I spoke with the person who made it while I was there pumping gas. He was a very nice guy for taking the time to speak with me especially while asking him a bunch of questions about it in which he happily answered all of them. He lives and travels in this motor home and has been using this homemade kayak rack for quite some time now and it has been holding up just fine. I wished him much success on his fishing adventure as he continues his trip towards south Florida.


DIY BooneDox Knuckle (Saltwater Edition)

Owning several kayaks but only having one Landing Gear System can become very expensive if trying to outfit all of them with this type of setup. My solution was to create a knuckle system for each of my other kayaks and share the landing gear legs when applicable.

Please note that this is not a super simple – off the shelf parts – slap together type of diy build but am sharing the idea anyway  for those whom may be interested and don’t mind taking this type of approach to creating a hopefully longer lasting build solution. Currently in a ( Work-in-Progress ) phase for longevity under real world applications.

The 3D printed PETG plastic insert is sized for a aluminum square tube that is 1.75″ x 1.75″ with a 1/8″ wall thickness. The length of the square tube is to be determined by the builder since it is specific to his or her kayak. I went with 32 inches on the length of the aluminum square tube for my Native Slayer Propel 10. Concerning the four angle brackets, they are made from the same square aluminum tubing and are 1″ wide. Hardware used to attach the angle brackets to the accessory rails are modified stainless steel 5/16″ x 1″ carriage bolts. I wanted the knuckle spacers for my build but it may or may not be needed for your particular kayak.

► 3D Print Files → https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3612817

Bed Top Yak Rack

This is my truck bed yak rack which now allows me more use of the available real estate on my Mazda truck bed below the kayaks to securely transport the rest of my gear when traveling to and from my destination while still providing a easy on and off loading of the kayak(s). Heck I even got to keep my aluminum toolbox! I will be looking to see how well this wood structure holds up even though it has been sealed for water otherwise I will use this same basic design to re-fabricate one out of a more durable material like aluminum.

TMS Kayak / Canoe Cradles https://amzn.to/2vzfT6Q