In this video I show a simple alteration that needs to be done to the fwd aka when using a 2015 aka with a 2014 ama.



In this video I show the additional addon modifications that went along with my 2012 Hobie Pro Angler 14 / Adventure Island ama mod.
Time line:
The Motor Mount – 0:36
Motor Mount Installation – 2:45
New Grab Bars – 3:58
The Motor – 5:50
Break-in Procedure – 7:19
Motor tip – 8:26

POSEIDON – My Hobie PA14 Offshore Upgrade for 2019

The last few months of 2018 had me on a very busy handyman schedule with family and relatives especially when the holidays rolled in but I made sure to find the time to work on this project that I affectionately named POSEIDON in hopes of finishing it up for the start of the 2019 year. Aside from from having to do some updates to my kayak trailer, it is just about done so I can get the Hobie out on the water for testing and do a final break-in session on the outboard motor. I did manage to document most of the conversion process which I will be showing in a three part video series for those wanting to do a similar build as there is not a lot of information out there to be found.

My Floating Bait Livewell

I put together my version of a floating bait livewell that I can drag behind me with the kayak or use it off a pier, the shoreline or jetties. It’s the size of a five gallon bucket so it should hold a good amount of bait. I like this setup for the main reason that the bait is in its environment with no need to worry about water temp, circulating the water or using a air bubbler to oxygenate the water to try and keep the bait fish alive.

Final piece of the puzzle 🤗

After almost two months of waiting… The Hobie ama I ordered has finally arrived. I was told by Hobie that they have no 2014 amas to sell, but, that they still had the mold for it to make me one but that it might take a while to get it done… Also the “papaya” color I wanted apparently was no longer available either and would have to be made using the current “papaya orange” color. That bummed me out but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was not the case when I unpacked it today. Now I can finally begin with the mod that I so patiently waited for… Well… Maybe not with the holidays now upon us but at least I definitely have a project to start off the new year with! Come on 2019!!! 🤪👍


My Hobie PA14 Bow Navigation Light

When it comes to lighting, if you run a motorized kayak at night, especially if registered in your state, then you should follow the same rules and regulations as a boat. This is a simple mount that I created so that I could attach a specific bow navigation light to my Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak. The navigation light that I used is sold by Shoreline Marine and is battery powered. No drilling required. This mount is attached using an adhesive, double sided carpet tape or 3M tape to the top of the Hobie emblem found on the bow of the kayak. The 3d printed file for this base is available for download on thingiverse for those who would like to make one for their kayak. A link will be provided below:

► 3D Light Base → https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3174345