Remote DIY Fuel Container Options for your Suzuki 2.5 Outboard Motor

I am just sharing this information as a cost effective fuel containment option that I use for myself where space would be limited aboard my vessel.

► One Gallon Container →

► Two Gallon Container →

► Vent Caps →

► 3D Files →

My Inflatable Micro Skiff ( The Seaeagle Paddleski 437ps )

I have always wanted to try out an inflatable boat so I chose the Seaeagle paddleski 437ps. It’s a kayak, paddle board and micro skiff all wrapped up in one. Made to carry up to two people and is easy to store and transport. Best part is no truck, trailer or roof rack required to reach your destination to the water with this boat. I forgot to mention that you can also add up to a 6 hp outboard or electric trolling motor to its removable transom. I’ll provide a future update as well as any future modifications once I’ve put sufficient time and use in on this boat.

► Seaeagle Paddleski →

► Bravo High-Speed High-Pressure Inflation Pump →

► Seaeagle EZ Cart →

► Seamax Foldable Inflatable Boat Carrying Bag (Size A) →

► Karltion SUP Paddle →

Loss of a Cousin… 😥

Losing a cousin is really painful and whilst they may not be the closest member of the family we still develop strong bonds and relationships with our cousins. So when a cousin passes away it is a time of real sadness and hurt for the whole family.

I will miss you Jorge Aguila more than most will know. Rest in peace cuz and enjoy the happiness now with our Lord God that you so much deserved.