Trailer Overhaul

I went in search of a used jetski trailer, preferably a galvanized one. Searches on craigslist were ridiculous on prices. Luckily I found one on Facebook which is the last place that I would have ever expected to find one. Yes, it was bare and in bad shape but doable to convert it to what I needed. For the price acquired it was perfect for what I had in mind for a kayak hauler.

First step was to clean it up, strip it down and paint the frame with galvanized paint. Afterwards I repacked the wheel bearings, purchased new wheels with tires, new coupler and then new trailer lights and wiring followed by unistrut where required and pvc tubing for the hobie rails.


Stage one of a two stage build is now complete. Click here for more details.
Stage two will consist of a second level for transporting additional kayaks.