DIY Hobie PA Rear Deck


I have had request for more information on the deck that I built for my Hobie. So for the DIY guys I have provided pdf files with dimensions, print outlines and bill of materials to get you started on making a rear deck of your own. This simple deck can serve many functions such as to mount a power pole or electric trolling motor and even a rescue ladder which was the main reason that I built mine.

The following pertains to my 2012 Hobie Pro Angler 14 so I am not going to make any guarantees of any type for other years and or models. Use the provided information at your own discretion…

Hobie Rear Deck – Bill Of Materials

Hobie Rear Deck Dimensions

Hobie Rear Deck Steering Access ( Printable Template )

Hobie Deck Risers


If you own a 3d printer, You can get my file for the deck risers at thingiverse where you can print out your own as I did or use a Printing Service to make it for you.
► Get Parts 3D printed here →

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