Hobie Pro Angler Seat Slider Mod


I saw a post on the Hobie Kayak forums about adding a slider mechanism to the seat of the Pro Angler (2012 model) and thought it looked like a good idea. I ordered it online via Walmart. I’m all torso and no legs so the position I had the Mirage drive set at to comfortably peddle was proving problematic as my heels were hitting the center hatch cover.

So here’s the installation write up…

Go to Walmarts website, http://www.walmart.com, and search “Springfield Universal Trac-Lock Slide”. Click here or on the pic below to take you directly to the slider mechanism.


From what I heard this is a direct bolt in, and they were right.

But here’s some tools you’ll need:
– 1/2″ wrench
– Phillips screwdriver
– 1/2″ socket

You will also need the following parts:
– 1/4-20 stainless lock nuts
– 1/4″ x 3/4″ bolts


Fun time begins….
Take the seat out  and remove the four bolts fastening the seat. Also remove the seat hold down strap held on by one Phillips screw. You’ll want the slider to attach flat to the seat.


Here is the way you’ll want to fasten the slider to the original seat mount.


Using the original bolts and the lock nuts, attach the base of the slider to the seat mounts. You’ll see the back bolt just threads into the nylon portion of the lock nut. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see if I want to use a little longer bolt or not in the future.


Next, you re-attach the seat. I used Loctite when bolting the seat to the slider. NOTE: You can’t use lock washers as there is not enough clearance between the bolt head and the base of the slider. You will want to center the slider with the circular pattern of the bottom of the seat. All four bolts line up perfectly. Here’s the pics of the front and the back of the bottom of the seat.



The front bolts are easy to get in with the socket, but the back you’ll have to tighten up with the wrench. Don’t tighten them down until you get all four bolts in to ensure a straight mounting job.

Lastly, you have to reattach the strap. Snap the strap to the seat and fold it underneath to estimate where you should drill the mounting hole. Use a 1/8″ drill bit, and then screw the strap in.


The whole job takes roughly 45 minutes. Here’s the finished product:

Stock seat position…


Seat slid to the most rear position…


Seat slid to the most forward position. Oh yeah!!!


This mod also gives you roughly 2 inches of additional height. It’s also much much easier to access the front hatch now. I can’t recommend this mod enough to anyone.


One thought on “Hobie Pro Angler Seat Slider Mod

  1. Just finished this mod on my 2012 PA 14. Fantastic! Went very smooth and pretty easy to do. Thank you for the great directions. Highly recommended.

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