Iliana’s Hurricane Ian Relief Fund

I’m trying to raise funds for my sister Iliana Bruno. She and my mom were in the direct path of Hurricane Ian in Orlando, FL. Thankfully they survived the storm but (LOST EVERYTHING) to the flood waters. She has immediate needs with no vehicle, appliances, furniture, clothing, food etc. The funds will go to her and my mom as they will have to start over establishing their home since the insurance company will not cover anything due to no (flood insurance) in their policy. It is much appreciated if you find it in your heart to give. Thank you!

Kobalt Mini Power Box

Just finished up with my Kobalt mini power box which uses a 24 volt Kobalt lithium battery pack that is stepped down to 12 volts. The main purpose of this battery box is to power the lights and fish finder on my kayak. Initial testing indicates that one battery should power up my needs for over a 24 hour period but having extra space available in the box allows me to carry a spare battery as well. I opted for this build to be as bare bones as possible with only the essentials which for me are a power switch and an external battery connection.

Redneck Modding the Tranny Shifter on my Honda Element

For reference this is a 2003 Automatic Honda Element EX AWD.

Last week after my last errand stop of the day, I got in my car to head home. After starting up the car I proceeded to shift the Honda out of the park position to drive and this is when it felt like something snapped while moving the shifter out of the park position. Although the shifter handle moved to the drive position, the dash indicator still showed that it was in the park position. The car was now immobile. I had to wait 6 hours to get the car towed home which was only 2 miles away. The following day is where the video picks up to continue with the rest of this story…