Lake Beresford Park Biking Loop

03/17/2023 – On this day I took the Hyper 69er MTB and Hyper 26 E-Cruiser to Lake Beresford Park biking loop located in Deland, Florida for an enjoyable and scenic bike ride with my daughter. A 2.0 mile paved loop trail with some off road trails throughout and adjacent to the Spring to Spring Trail, Blue Spring Trailhead. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 38 minutes to complete.

Motorizing My Hobie PA17t (Electric & Gas) + Lighting

Sharing some modifications that I made to the kayak prior to taking it on its first voyage since purchased. The transom shown is partly just a prototype rig for testing purposes. Hopefully I’m close with the calculated transom height and angle for the outboard motor otherwise it should just be a simple adjustment. Be sure to look out for a follow up to this video.

Armadillo Newbie Trail (Deltona, Florida)

01/31/2023 – The other day I found this short off-road trail which I named it the “Armadillo Newbie Trail”. The trail is easily accessible from from the main bike trail that I normally use. I really enjoyed this short trail so I returned to map it out and share on the Trailforks, Strava and Relive apps for others to enjoy.

RELIVE Interactive Map: ►